вторник, 23 октомври 2018 г.

The Last(Eternal) Mime

Nowadays we talk and talk and talk. Everyone has opinion and wants to share it - on the phone, on social media. We rarely listen to anybody who doesn't share our views. And the same goes for the way we see things. Visual stimulation is all around us. We've become addicted to flashing lights, CGI and all other special effects in the fast paced movies that are breaking all sales records nowadays.

Often, behind all this buzz - in our gaze and in our ears, there is no space left for our own imagination.
Sometimes, in these situations, all we need is ...less.
This is what i thought when I saw mime performance for the first time. 

People often think that Mimes are clowns, what they do is for kids or just an act to amuse people on the streets. 
In fact mime is a theatrical technique used as early as the days of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. 

What Mime artist do is they physically express objects, character, emotion, and story line without the use of speech.This technique of strongly emotive facial and bodily expression is used in many performing arts - dance, theater,  stage combat..etc.

Mime shows are not meant to only make you laugh. Yes, they can do that. 

 But they will also make you feel deep emotions, to relive the story they are telling as vivid as your imagination allows and the most important - to think about everyday objects, situations and behavior in a manner that we normally don't have time for.

After the passing of Marcel Marceau Mime art is fading. I am bringing this problem to light. See it on my photo book "The Last(Eternal) Mime" (2014-2018)

For me Pantomime is like the foundation of a building. And this building is art.
If we destroy the foundation, we destroy the building. I photographed Guerassim Dichliev’s story (one of Marceau's best students) as part of the big picture. In my photographs you can see the struggle of every mime and their great love for this art that keeps them working.

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Documentary project by Hristo Rusev(2014-2018) 

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  1. Обожавам да чета подобни статии! Поздрави за блога и много късмет, успех и здраве!



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