петък, 31 март 2017 г.

Nationalists blockade at Bulgarian-Turkish border

The leader of the United Patriots Valeri Simeonov(on the first photo) is pulling an old, 72 years, Sevile, Bulgarian-Turk woman. The elderly woman is trying to cross the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing point and tell that comes to vote for the Bulgarian pro-Turk party of DOST on the parliamentary elections. Bulgarian Nationalists of the United Patriots blocked Bulgaria - Turkish border crossing point of Kapitan Andreevo, some 280 km east of the capital of Sofia on March 24, 2017. The blockade is in the occasion of the famous "electoral tourism" by Bulgarian Turks. Bulgarians will have a Parlamentary elections on Sunday, 26 of March, 2017. The protesters wanted to show that the voters are using to promote pro-Turkey DOST party in Bulgaria and hold posters "DUR" that on Turkish is "STOP" and "we don't want Turkish voters of the Bulgarian elections"on March 24, 2017

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