неделя, 30 октомври 2016 г.

Everything is happening in the name of money

This is an Illustrative pictures! This is a picture of mine, that I took by chance, when I travelled around my country of Bulgaria and photographing with my cell phone. When I see all the pictures, then I realised, that this picture is talking to me. I want to show. I want to explain, that everything is happening in the name of money(the pollution, the wars, the earthquakes, the flooding, the global warming, fires, politics..... and everything other) eventhough the restrictions On October 30, 2016 

Please don't forget! We are only people! We must be take care for the earth, not for the money! We must save it! We must save ourselves! 

Photo by Hristo Rusev, 2016 
All Rights Reserved!!!

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